Ritardano i prodotti ad arrivare? Capiamo il motivo. Sistemahobby

Do they delay the products in arriving? We understand why.

Delays in shipments by suppliers


By now it is becoming more and more "normal" to suffer delays or date slips to receive the goods ordered, this leads us to frustration, anger and sometimes leads us to ask for the order to be cancelled.

But why does this happen? Is it always the seller's fault?

Unfortunately the seller depends on the supplier and the manufacturer, who in turn suffer delays due to factors well known to all and which involve and compromise the normal exchange of goods.

If we add to all this the productions that are not according to the manufacturer's expectations, so he has to put the product back into production, the times are further lengthened.

If we are passionate about collector's products, we have a seller who updates us and maintains a direct line with us, let's try to understand the situation and be patient, our collector's product will surely arrive.


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